Skilled Fort Wayne Exterminators Give Tips on Natural Roach Repellants

Nobody likes cockroaches showing up in their home as these dirty insects track in dirt and are a known vector for disease. They also happen to be quite smelly and unhygienic. Combined with their ability to crawl into almost everywhere, your food and health are definitely under threat. There are many ways to get rid of them, but quite a few of these options are also toxic to humans. Thankfully, experienced Fort Wayne exterminators know a few non-toxic, eco-friendly ways to get rid of them. Here are a few examples.

Clean Things Up

The best natural way to get rid or avoid a cockroach infestation is the simplest: keep your house clean. Cockroaches love dirty environments; it gives them a plethora of places to hide and a lot of food to feed on. A sink full of unwashed dishes and an open trash can are an invitation for roaches to move in. Ensure this doesn’t happen by always cleaning everything up; wash dishes promptly and place your garbage in sealed trash bags.


Stamping the Spider Menace through Skilled Fort Wayne Exterminators

“Responsible Fort Wayne exterminators, such as Liberty Pest, Inc., may be able to help with identifying and eliminating relatively harmful spiders. In general, spiders play a role in containing insect populations, so people can’t just kill them on sight. Seeing a tarantula approach, though, could get a normally composed person all worked up. The article gives some helpful pointers on how to recognize spider species:


It’s easy to panic at the sight of a spider, but stay calm and study their appearance from a distance. Start with their regular colors. The marbled spider, for example, has an abdomen with predominantly yellow parts, but its legs have red and white stripes. Some spiders have bright colors, while some camouflage their appearance.”