Pest Control in Fort Wayne: It’s Officially Mosquito and Tick Season



Summer may be a time for fun outdoor activities and travel, but the warm weather also increases the prevalence of pests. According to a report featured by NBC33 news, the tick and mosquito season has officially begun.
For humans as well as household pets, mosquitoes and ticks are not just a nagging nuisance; they also pose a severe health hazard. For those who don’t know, the mosquito is regarded as the most dangerous animal on Earth, with the World Health Organization dubbing it responsible for thousands of human lives lost due to their disease-bearing properties.


Liberty Launches Safe and Effective Fort Wayne Exterminator Services

Fort Wayne, Indiana (July 30, 2013) – Liberty Pest Management, Inc., is launching their safe and effective pest control services for clients looking for a reliable exterminator in Fort Wayne. They offer 100% eco-friendly solutions that are applicable for homes, offices, boats, sheds, lake cottages, RVs, and many others.

The company employs an innovative Quarterly Pest Maintenance Program that utilizes the latest green products that are not only cheaper alternatives to traditional pest control solutions in the market, but also eco-friendly. They have conducted a long and thorough scientific study in their bid to search for effective on the pest control methods, which led them to greener alternatives instead of the traditional chemical-based solutions that pose harm to both the environment and humans alike. They effectively eliminate a full range of local pests like ants, cockroaches, spiders, wasps, hornets, silverfish, ticks, fleas, and rodents.