Tips from a Fort Wayne Exterminator: Keeping Termites Out Naturally

Termite infestations can be horribly devastating to a home. Wood is a popular building material, especially for homeowners seeking to provide an old-fashioned, rustic feel to their house. It’s sad to note, however, that the more wood a house has, the greater the danger it faces from termites. If you want to protect your house from these tiny ravagers, there are some tips from an exterminator in Fort Wayne on how to do just that.

Termite Basics

Before everything though, you’ll need to know more about the insects that are threatening your house. First of all, there are two types of termites that can cause damage to your home. They are the drywood and subterranean types. They are both damaging to buildings and wooden structures so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for them.


Pest Control in Fort Wayne: Keeping Roaches Away from Your Property

Dirty or messy areas like a kitchen that’s full of unwashed dishes and garbage are appealing to cockroaches. Residents should keep in mind to maintain cleanliness in these areas, especially at night, given that roaches are active during this period. Damages on the exterior of the property such as cracks in the walls or floorboards could become the entry points of roaches into the building. Sealing these with a caulking gun or simply patching them up can help greatly in keeping roaches out of your living or working space.

For worst-case scenarios, using commercial insecticide sprays are possible solutions in getting rid of these roaches; however, the chemicals contained by these insecticides can be harmful, thus contacting a company for pest control in Fort Wayne like Liberty Pest, Inc. should be done immediately.

Keeping Afloat: Why Boat Owners Need Fort Wayne Pest Management Too

When there are termites in your boat, they can affect its seaworthiness, potentially rendering your beloved investment useless. Furthermore, you may have a harder time selling your vessel since a past termite infestation may put off buyers. So if you’re dealing with this problem, be sure to get professional pest management in Fort Wayne immediately.

Of course, contacting just any company won’t do. Given your boat’s proximity to water, special treatment methods must be employed to avoid polluting the water (aside from effectively exterminating the termites). Fortunately, there are Fort Wayne pest management companies like Liberty Pest, Inc. that specialize in boat and yacht termite infestations. They use eco-friendly products and treatments to ensure that your vessel is termite free and fit to sail another day, all without hurting the environment.