Fort Wayne Exterminator: How to tell Termites from Carpenter Ants

American homes are no strangers to pest infestation. In select locales, different species of ants can call a specific dwelling their home. Of all these species, quite a few can actually destroy a home from the inside. They are aptly called carpenter ants, perhaps second behind termites for the title of most destructive house pest in existence. Yet, it’s sometimes hard to tell the two types of critters apart, making it necessary for you to discern and choose the right exterminator in Fort Wayne and elsewhere.
Both carpenter ants and termites swarm during spring in order to mate and reproduce. Due to several qualities, it’s somewhat difficult to tell them apart from each other, though various differences still abound.


Tips from a Fort Wayne Exterminator: Keeping Termites Out Naturally

Termite infestations can be horribly devastating to a home. Wood is a popular building material, especially for homeowners seeking to provide an old-fashioned, rustic feel to their house. It’s sad to note, however, that the more wood a house has, the greater the danger it faces from termites. If you want to protect your house from these tiny ravagers, there are some tips from an exterminator in Fort Wayne on how to do just that.

Termite Basics

Before everything though, you’ll need to know more about the insects that are threatening your house. First of all, there are two types of termites that can cause damage to your home. They are the drywood and subterranean types. They are both damaging to buildings and wooden structures so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for them.

Call a Fort Wayne Termite Exterminator at Once if You See These Signs

Spring time has come, and for bugs, it can only mean one thing: it’s time to get moving. It’s not uncommon to see critters such as stink bugs and ants bring nuisance, but they’re the least of your problems. When spring comes, you need to be on guard against wood-eating, home-destroying termites.

The warming weather is one major factor for attracting termite swarms. Due to this they tend to enter homes (where temperatures are typically warmer than the outdoors) and often remain undetected while they munch away at a building’s innards. While a single termite can theoretically take 3,144 years to eat a 1,000-square-foot home to the ground, a termite doesn’t live alone. One colony or swarm can easily number in the thousands, if not millions.

A Fort Wayne Exterminator Can Use Natural Ways to Chase Away Ants

Ants may seem harmless enough, but they can be more than just an irritation. This is because their small size and tendency to seek food makes them a common cause of food contamination. Depending on where your ants come from, they may have been exposed to toxins or bacteria that would make your food inedible. This is why when detecting signs of an ant infestation it is best to have an exterminator in Fort Wayne take a look at your home for the best way to deal with ants.

A Trusted Fort Wayne Exterminator Dispels These Common Termite Myths

Little as they are, termites can actually cause big and serious problems in your home; more particularly, they eat away the cellulose components of your home, causing its gradual yet sure degradation and damage. Termites find shelter under the soil or plants near a wooded area, such as a house, and worker termites are known to forage for food for up to a hundred meters from their home, and the worst part is that they never stop eating away wood when they find it.

To avoid further damage caused by these pesky little insects, acquiring the services of a Fort Wayne termite exterminator is a must; however, there are several myths floating around, or so-called tips that claim to keep away the termites or may lead homeowners to think that their home is termite-proof—when in actuality they are just as vulnerable as others.

Fort Wayne Exterminator: Natural Solutions to Fight Springtime Pests

As you leave the cold winter behind and welcome the balmy spring season with open arms, you’ll likely be taking steps to prepare yourself for the temperate weather up ahead. However, it’s highly likely that you’re not the only one in your home that’s doing some spring preparations—pests will be readying themselves, too.

You can expect to see more of the usual suspects, such as spiders, termites, ants, and ticks as the temperature increases. Obviously, you’ll want to get rid of them, and though there are plenty of ways to go about it, such as hiring a Fort Wayne exterminator, you need to consider how your removal measures affect the environment. To ensure that you make the least amount of adverse impact on the environment, here are some of the best natural solutions against those pesky little springtime critters that have found dwelling in your home.

Hiring an Exterminator in Fort Wayne to Eliminate Winter Pests At Home

Pests can infest anyplace, anytime, and are invulnerable to the winter cold. Dealing with a pest control exterminator may be another story, but can be of big help to you. In an article for info resource Pest World, writer Missy Henriksen says that winter can present its own raft of challenges.

Some weather models for Fort Wayne, IN, predict that the remaining winter period will not be as harsh as it was in the early part of 2014. Weather experts say that the arrival of the El Niño phenomenon can weaken the winter’s effects, but might still provide ample room for traditional winter pests to thrive. When you’re concerned with keeping all pests out in the cold, you have to hire an exterminator from Fort Wayne like the people from Liberty Pest Management, Inc. to help you deal with the problem.

Call a Fort Wayne Termite Exterminator to Avoid a Crisis in Your Home

Wood damage – Wood damage is a sure indicator that termites have taken hold in some parts of your home. Termites damage wood according to a distinctive pattern—when they eat, they leave nothing but bits of wood grain. Some termite species, however, are known to destroy wood from inside out, so damage may not be visible on the surface. In probing for an infestation, bang on the wooden parts, and listen closely. If the wood yields a thudding, dull sound, that could indicate the presence of termites.

Tunnels – Termites construct tunnels of mud outside brickwork, walls, concrete posts & slabs, and other dense structural materials. They use these tunnels when they can’t burrow through a specific object, such as a concrete wall.

Fort Wayne Exterminator: Bugs are the Bad News of the Colder Weather

Mass sightings of adult bugs is the greatest clue that you may already have a bug infestation. You may also see damage in your house plants, an indication of the bugs feeding. In the case of stink bugs, it’s in your best interest not to disturb these pests, as they can produce a strong foul odor. Once you encounter these signs, your best recourse is to contact a professional Fort Wayne exterminator.

Getting rid of bugs naturally

Choosing an organic way to get rid of bugs will help keep you and your family healthy and safe. That said, consider purchasing a boric acid powder product for your home. This natural chemical acts as a stomach poison to many bugs and can be used to control them. Boric acid is less toxic to humans than table salt.

Fort Wayne Exterminator: Natural Pest Control Tips for Minor Cases

Ants lead each other around their environment with an invisible trail. Using a cleanser made from 1/4 cup vinegar, 2 cups water and 10 to 15 drops of peppermint, clove, eucalyptus or tea tree essential oil, you can eradicate ant trails to prevent their return. You could also render their trails useless by sprinkling powdered cinnamon, paprika or cayenne pepper across them.

No more silverfish in the “sea”
Silverfish thrive in warm, damp environments in the kitchen and bathroom. The first step to removing them is clearing the area of food particles and insect eggs. Second, dust with either diatomaceous earth or boric acid (do not use boric acid if you have pets).