Eco-Friendly Pest Control in Fort Wayne This Summer to Fight Ants

Summer is once again around the corner, and with warmer weather comes another army of ants making their way to houses everywhere. Ants are considered the top nuisance pests in America, and they are sure to make an appearance inside your home as the weather warms. With the help of eco-friendly pest control in Fort Wayne, however, you can bid adieu to these unwelcome critters while at the same time protecting your family from exposure to harmful pesticide chemicals.

Why Ants Go Out During Summer

Generally, ants are responsible in aerating the soil to make it more beneficial for plants, and they even feed on other pests like termites and fleas. Indeed, ants may be of great help outdoors, but there’s no way you should let them inside your home, since they could contaminate the food you eat or spread diseases. Moreover, some types of ants, when disturbed, can attack, causing a painful sting.


Professional Pest Control in Fort Wayne: Ecological Approach At Home

Mice, cockroaches and bed bugs are common household pests that thrive in dark, moist areas and cause damage to your health and property. Unfortunately, cases of pesticide poisoning compel insect and health specialists to look for a safer approach to pest control. This gave rise to the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system.

IPM is composed of a series of methods meant to manage pests with the least amount of harm to the environment, to people and their property. It involves studying current information about the pest’s behavior to determine the most appropriate options to resolve a pest control problem.

Effective Pest Control in Fort Wayne Fights Against These Summer Pests

As the temperatures get warmer and more comfortable, so are some common household pests ready to wreak havoc in your home and possibly affect your health. Summer might still be a few months from now, but it’s best that you know what to expect in the coming season and protect yourself and your home from nasty insects—especially with the help of a reliable pest control service in Fort Wayne.

Pest Control in Fort Wayne: Keeping Roaches Away from Your Property

Dirty or messy areas like a kitchen that’s full of unwashed dishes and garbage are appealing to cockroaches. Residents should keep in mind to maintain cleanliness in these areas, especially at night, given that roaches are active during this period. Damages on the exterior of the property such as cracks in the walls or floorboards could become the entry points of roaches into the building. Sealing these with a caulking gun or simply patching them up can help greatly in keeping roaches out of your living or working space.

For worst-case scenarios, using commercial insecticide sprays are possible solutions in getting rid of these roaches; however, the chemicals contained by these insecticides can be harmful, thus contacting a company for pest control in Fort Wayne like Liberty Pest, Inc. should be done immediately.

Pest Control in Fort Wayne: Get Rid of Rodents, Make Healthier Homes

The definition of a “healthy home” can be highly subjective, with a variety of several attributes you can link to it. You could refer to it as a place where residents promote positive emotional states for the family. It could also be understood as a house where its occupants pushes for the physical health of everyone.

For the National Center for Healthy Housing or NCHH, healthy homes are characterized by seven principles. Safety is one of these pillars, where a home should not put children and adults at risk for injuries and accidents. Ventilation should also be optimal to enhance the indoor air quality and help in preserving the respiratory health of home residents.

Fort Wayne Pest Control Can Eliminate Flying and Crawling Nuisances

If there are too many flying ants in your home during wintertime, that could be a sign of bad things to come. A few of them in the summer could be negligible, but their presence indoors during winter could be an indication of a carpenter ant nest inside your home. In an article for About Home, pest expert Lisa Jo Lupo shares some tips to rid your home of crawling pests and when is the right time to call in professional pest control in Fort Wayne.

Seek Pest Control in Fort Wayne to Get Rid of Unwanted Deadly Guests

Once they have settled in a residence, their presence can immediately be felt by homeowners – these rodents are notorious for gnawing at electric cables, puncturing holes on practically anything they can get their teeth on, and nibbling on any human food they can get to.

Ruining food and property notwithstanding, rodents are to be feared mainly for the wide variety of virulent viruses they carry, like leptospirosis, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, and Lassa Fever. Such diseases, once contracted, can not only affect a household, but could also spread to neighboring homes. It doesn’t help that rodents are also notorious for breeding at an alarming rate (a close second only to cockroaches).

Natural Pest Control in Fort Wayne: Effective Remedies for Silverfish

No matter how well your lifestyle may be, there’s a really good chance your home in Indiana’s Summit City could have some sort of pest problem. Silverfish for one—they are small, wingless, and nocturnal insects that consume anything with polysaccharides, which is to say anything from corn starch to paper. Short of blasting your home with potentially-harmful substances though, there are many natural, but highly effective means of pest control in Fort Wayne, IN that you can try to get rid of a silverfish infestation.

Facts about Getting Pest Control in Fort Wayne, IN: Pesticide Dangers

So what happens if you have to apply pesticides on your own? How could you keep yourself and your family safe? For one, don’t use any techniques or products that use chemicals for pest control. Chemicals should be utilized only for their intended purposes; always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when doing so. Also, buy only what you need, so there won’t be a lot of hazardous chemicals to store.

Of course, the best way to minimize exposure to harmful pesticides is to hire companies that perform professional pest control in Fort Wayne and only use safe products and techniques. As a homeowner, you have the responsibility to protect your family against the hidden dangers that might be plaguing your home.

Using the Right Pest Control in Fort Wayne to Increase Orchard Safety

When it comes to pest control, it can be argued that none is more needed than in a fruit or vegetable orchard. While it is important that any place occupied by people is pest-free, the amount of produce grown in orchards often attracts the deadliest of pests. As detailed in an article published by the Good Fruit Grower last August 18th, there is quite the increase of yellow jackets and wasps at orchards and produce markets, which can be quite the hazard to people:

Not only do these critters sting humans, they damage ripe fruit, gouging out chunks varying in size from small holes to nothing-left-but-the-core. In u-pick orchards or farm stands, the consequences of biting into an apple or pear— or drinking a cup of juice —that has attracted a wasp can be life-threatening. A sting in the mouth or throat for some can lead to deadly swelling.