Pest Management for Boat Owners in Fort Wayne: Evading Rodent Problems

So it’s summer again here in Fort Wayne—the perfect season to get in your boat, enjoy the warm breeze, and just create new awesome outdoor memories. However, before setting sail, you may want to ensure your boat is pest-free. When most people hear about pest management for boats, they usually think termite extermination, but boats can also be infested with rodents, and in some cases, the havoc they wreck is a lot worse.
If you’re unfortunate enough to encounter rodents like mice, rats and, most recently, raccoons aboard your vessel, you must come up with a clever strategy to outwit them. Apart from being incredibly unpleasant, they cause a lot of damage that will definitely cost you—chewing anything and everything, from wires and plastic fittings to hoses and thru-hulls—and can even sink boats.


Keeping Afloat: Why Boat Owners Need Fort Wayne Pest Management Too

When there are termites in your boat, they can affect its seaworthiness, potentially rendering your beloved investment useless. Furthermore, you may have a harder time selling your vessel since a past termite infestation may put off buyers. So if you’re dealing with this problem, be sure to get professional pest management in Fort Wayne immediately.

Of course, contacting just any company won’t do. Given your boat’s proximity to water, special treatment methods must be employed to avoid polluting the water (aside from effectively exterminating the termites). Fortunately, there are Fort Wayne pest management companies like Liberty Pest, Inc. that specialize in boat and yacht termite infestations. They use eco-friendly products and treatments to ensure that your vessel is termite free and fit to sail another day, all without hurting the environment.