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Hiring an Exterminator in Fort Wayne to Eliminate Winter Pests At Home

Pests can infest anyplace, anytime, and are invulnerable to the winter cold. Dealing with a pest control exterminator may be another story, but can be of big help to you. In an article for info resource Pest World, writer Missy Henriksen says that winter can present its own raft of challenges.

Some weather models for Fort Wayne, IN, predict that the remaining winter period will not be as harsh as it was in the early part of 2014. Weather experts say that the arrival of the El Niño phenomenon can weaken the winter’s effects, but might still provide ample room for traditional winter pests to thrive. When you’re concerned with keeping all pests out in the cold, you have to hire an exterminator from Fort Wayne like the people from Liberty Pest Management, Inc. to help you deal with the problem.


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The folks at Liberty Pest hate bugs! That’s right. We hate bugs at least as much as you do, and probably more. In fact, that’s the main reason we got into the pest management industry to begin with.

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