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Seek Pest Control in Fort Wayne to Get Rid of Unwanted Deadly Guests

Once they have settled in a residence, their presence can immediately be felt by homeowners – these rodents are notorious for gnawing at electric cables, puncturing holes on practically anything they can get their teeth on, and nibbling on any human food they can get to.

Ruining food and property notwithstanding, rodents are to be feared mainly for the wide variety of virulent viruses they carry, like leptospirosis, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, and Lassa Fever. Such diseases, once contracted, can not only affect a household, but could also spread to neighboring homes. It doesn’t help that rodents are also notorious for breeding at an alarming rate (a close second only to cockroaches).


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The folks at Liberty Pest hate bugs! That’s right. We hate bugs at least as much as you do, and probably more. In fact, that’s the main reason we got into the pest management industry to begin with.

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