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Cockroaches are some of the best products of survival in nature. They have been around for millennia, and can survive in any place and in any weather. This means that while they are found in Chicago’s City Hall, they can also be creeping in the crevices of your Fort Wayne home. To make matters worse, roaches have the habit of migrating indoors during cold weather, so you could likely be sharing indoor warmth with these creepy crawlers.

Pest control experts say that one of the best ways of getting rid of roaches is by starving them, which can be done by keeping your home clean, especially in places where food is kept. Make sure to clean up the dining table after every meal. Not only that, kitchen sinks also should be aptly dried of excess water. Likewise, stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, and cupboards should be free of crumbs and food wastes.


Seek Pest Control in Fort Wayne to Get Rid of Unwanted Deadly Guests

Once they have settled in a residence, their presence can immediately be felt by homeowners – these rodents are notorious for gnawing at electric cables, puncturing holes on practically anything they can get their teeth on, and nibbling on any human food they can get to.

Ruining food and property notwithstanding, rodents are to be feared mainly for the wide variety of virulent viruses they carry, like leptospirosis, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, and Lassa Fever. Such diseases, once contracted, can not only affect a household, but could also spread to neighboring homes. It doesn’t help that rodents are also notorious for breeding at an alarming rate (a close second only to cockroaches).

Call Fort Wayne Exterminators When Signs of Cockroach Infestation Show

Unpleasant odors – One surefire sign of a roach infestation is the presence of a foul odor. Common American cockroaches emit a strong, unpleasant smell, which is extremely evident inside an infested building and on items roaches may have crawled on. These odors are so distinct that a skilled Fort Wayne exterminator may be able to tell if a building is infested by merely sniffing the air. A single roach doesn’t emit a strong, perceptible odor on its own; but when these pests swarm, they give off that characteristically foul oily or musky smell.

Egg casings – All cockroach species produce casings, called oothecae, which contain multiple eggs–about 10 or 20 inside each casing. They are brown in color, and range from 5 mm to 10 mm in length. If you see these small, brownish, elongated egg casings in your home, you might have an infestation under your nose.

Call a Fort Wayne Termite Exterminator to Avoid a Crisis in Your Home

Wood damage – Wood damage is a sure indicator that termites have taken hold in some parts of your home. Termites damage wood according to a distinctive pattern—when they eat, they leave nothing but bits of wood grain. Some termite species, however, are known to destroy wood from inside out, so damage may not be visible on the surface. In probing for an infestation, bang on the wooden parts, and listen closely. If the wood yields a thudding, dull sound, that could indicate the presence of termites.

Tunnels – Termites construct tunnels of mud outside brickwork, walls, concrete posts & slabs, and other dense structural materials. They use these tunnels when they can’t burrow through a specific object, such as a concrete wall.