Ant Attack: How Trusted Fort Wayne Exterminators Solve a Lost Cause

A simple and common kitchen item like vinegar can serve as an excellent alternative to chemical pesticides, which pose health hazards, if wrongly administered. As the article explains, vinegar is capable of disrupting ants’ trails, generating confusion. It may not kill them, but vinegar sure does keep them at bay, at least for the meantime.

Other home remedies like peppermint oil that also serve as safer alternatives in controlling pests also promote the idea of using earth-friendly products, which is beneficial in terms of sustaining the environment, not only for today but for the generations to come.


Tapping an Exterminator in Fort Wayne: When Home Remedies Need Backup

Opting for these simple alternatives yield a number of benefits and advantages, like more savings, since your synthetic pesticide usage will decrease significantly. They also lessen harmful impact of pesticides, not only on the health of your family but also the environment.

Sometimes though, pests can really become stubborn and a little helping hand from the experts is needed. The moment you realize that your amateur efforts fail to curb the infestation of spiders and other forms of bugs and pests in your home, it becomes more ideal to instead ask for assistance from a trusted bug and termite exterminator in Fort Wayne.

You Need Pest Management in Fort Wayne to Drive Away Pesky Silverfish

Despite their small size and the size of their bites, it’s easy to tell where they have been munching. Small holes on book pages and yellow stains on fabric are the most apparent indicators of their presence. The number of holes and stain spots may show how large their population is and what kind of pest management in Fort Wayne is needed to eradicate them altogether.

Surprisingly though, silverfish don’t bite or transfer infectious disease to humans like other pests. However, in large numbers they can become annoying and destructive so they have to be taken care of. Minor silverfish infestations can be dealt with by performing some simple at-home pest management techniques, including spraying home-made citrus solution.

Pest Control in Fort Wayne Can Rid Your Home of Ant Woes this Summer

With the technology that weather forecasters have, it’s not surprising how quick they can predict the series of thunderstorms awaiting to drench Fort Wayne throughout summer. Even so, there are other species aside from humans that can perform accurate weather predictions. One of which is ants, which experts say have the ability to predict seasons by differentiating the lengths of days.

This ability of ants, although quite amazing, can prove devastating to houses, especially during summer when some species seek shelter from the thunderstorms. Besides shelter, ants also seek food for survival throughout the season of unpredictable weather patterns. This food can be pet food, stored goods, and even the house’s drywall. Simply put, ants can be very troublesome and costly to deal with.

Find Fort Wayne Exterminators this Summer! The Mosquitoes are Back!

While Vanderburgh County is located in the southern parts of Indiana, who’s to say that the mosquitoes won’t make their way up to northern areas like Allen County? In fact, Fort Wayne runs its own Mosquito Surveillance and Control Program from May to October because mosquitoes have been responsible for some of the city’s deadliest outbreaks since the 1970s. In spite of this government program, residents still need ample protection from mosquitoes with the help of experienced Fort Wayne exterminators like Liberty Pest, Inc. Aside from mosquitoes, these professionals can also deal with ants, spiders, rodents, and other pests. For now, mosquitoes will be their top priority given how dangerous chikungunya is.

Fort Wayne Exterminator Uses Guaranteed Green Pest Control Techniques

A common green option is the use of floating row covers, where porous plastic fabric is wrapped around plants to shield them from insects; the sheet is translucent, allowing sufficient light to reach the leaves while keeping them safe from outside threats. A version of this incorporates sticky sections that are colored to be attractive so that they can trap particular insects.

Artificial pheromones are also available to lure pests into traps, hindering their chances to reproduce and making a dent on their overall numbers. This method is especially effective when combined with the previous two techniques, since pheromones serve as an early warning system due to their tendency to attract the males that usually serve as advance scouts for itinerant pest species.