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Finishing Off Termite Trouble with a Reliable Fort Wayne Exterminator

Proactive measures are usually the key to mitigate any risk of pest infestation, especially when it comes to termites. One of the most popular ways to reduce termite swarms from invading your homes is through careful landscaping. By learning and knowing the termites’ habits, you can alter certain conditions around your home to disrupt their lives and influence their behavior. Dr. Susan C. Jones, Associate Professor of Entomology and termite control expert, shares useful tips on how you and your Fort Wayne exterminator can work together to lower chances of termites overrunning your home:

Remove food sources.
Termites mainly eat cellulose, the main ingredient in plant matter. Wood materials found in your home are abundant food sources and can attract hordes of termites, so it’s crucial to remove rotting dead trees and roots, and other wood debris in the garden.


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